Did you know that you can blow candles with your smartphone or tablet? Today we bring you a strange app named YABLOW (Yet Another Air Blower).

YABLO: Blow Candles with Smartphone! | Apps Explored

This app is developed by JogglingDroid. It is a free app. Its current version is 1.4 with 1,00,000+ downloads with current rating 3.4/5 with 1,058 ratings in Google Play store. The app was last updated on 16th August 2015 and it requires 4.0.3 or higher.

So, how it works?

YABLO is an air blower application which uses the speaker on your smartphone or tablet to create sound waves of certain frequencies ranging from 0 to 2000 Hz. The user can change the frequency according to his need. Though according to the publisher, 700-1400 Hz range works for smartphone and tablets. You will also find exact working frequencies of some popular devices in play store page.

YABLO: Blow Candles with Smartphone! 1 | Apps Explored

Real Truth

Amazed by this app? Well, this is just pure physics. I’m glad that the developer had these type of crazy ideas about an app! If you find out the appropriate frequency to work, the sound waves can blow a nearby candle or blow some pieces od small paper etc. Now it’s some kind of science experiment. Isn’t it?

Here is a video demonstrating how the app works.


As this process involves fire and your smartphone, you should always be cautious about the result. Some phones with poor speakers may not work in this process.

More Information

App NameYABLO (Yet Another Air Blower)
Download linkPlaystore
Current Version1.4
Current Playstore Rating3.4/5


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