You might wonder a text editor? We have Notepad pre-installed. Then more feature rich Notepad++. Why Sublime Text then?Sublime 1 Apps Explored

Everyone have their personal favourites. Maybe you use Atom, maybe Bracket, maybe Notepad++ or Vim (terminal geek right?). But frankly speaking Sublime is my favourite text editor and I use it all the time. Sublime Text always notched the top spot according to me.

Why text editor?

From writing documents to writing codes, editing configuration files etc, text editors are must have softwares.

Brief info about Sublime Text

It is a cross platform source code editor written in C++ and Python, developed by Jon Skinner and Will Bond, initially released on 18th January, 2008. Its current version is Sublime Text 3 (Build 3143) and it was last updated on 13th September, 2017.

Why choose Sublime?

  • It is cross platform application.
  • Multiple cursors available. You can edit, paste multiple words, texts at once.
  • Speed: Sublime is known for its speed. It is fast and smooth instead of huge features.
  • Auto indentation, keyboard shortcuts, auto complete are present (obviously).
  • With Go to feature you can go to a package, switch files instantly.
  • Snippet: There are some predefined ones. But you can create your own. Such as for .java files I have created snippet of System.out.println as sop. So, whenever I write sop and hit tab, it automatically gets converted to System.out.println. These are quite helpful if you frequently use some keywords.Sublime snippet Apps Explored           Here is a video by us to create a custom snippet in Sublime Text

  • Plugins: Sublime has great support for plugins and extensions. Language compilers to HTML color pickers there are many plugins available.
  • Customization: The level of customization you can do is great. Customize Sublime to match your style, level of workflow.
  • Language support: From C, C++, Java, Python to markup languages like HTML, CSS, JS it supports numerous languages and their syntaxes.
  • Lorem ipsum generator: Sublime can also generate a short lorem ipsum text for you! Just type lorem and hit tab and boom! SSublime lorem Apps Explored


The main downside is it is not free. It costs $80 which is huge in terms of a text editor. But wait! Even if you don’t pay for it you can use it lifetime for free! Yes it will just sometime show prompt to tell you to buy the software. So, technically it is free.

More Information

Software NameSublime Text
Download linkOfficial link
Lifetime trial available
Current Version3 (Build 3143)
DeveloperSublime HQ Pty Ltd


Among other alternatives Atom is a great pick. It is free and open source. For web developers Brackets can be preferable.

So, it was our first post in Windows section.

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