Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a free top level domain unless you get one included in your hosting plan. In this post I’m going to show you how to get a .me domain(which costs about $18.5/year) absolutely free!

First of all .me is a well known domain  suitable for personal blogs/websites (though it can be used for any type of website). According to Wikipedia .me is the fastest selling TLD in the history.

GitHub Education is providing some of the best developer tools absolutely free for students! Free .me domain is one of the things included in this pack. This domain is provided for 1 year by Namecheap . The Student Developer Pack is worth more than $500!


  • You have to be a student.
  • Your age must be greater than 13.
  • You have to be enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study.
  • You must have a school/college/university issued email id, valid student identification card or other proof of enrollment.

If you satisfy these above mentioned criteria, you are ready to go!


  • At first go this link . This will open the GitHub Student Developer Pack page.
  • Github Student Developer Pack Apps ExploredNow click on Get your pack. This will open GitHub login page. Enter your GitHub username and password to continue to GitHub Education. If you don’t have a GitHub account click on create an account and register yourself first. Github Account Apps Explored
  • It will ask you whether you are a student. Click on yes. Student Developer Pack Apps Explored
  • It will open another page. Add your academic email address and verify it. After that correctly fill out the whole form including your School name, Graduation year etc. Note you can input your College/University name at place of School. Registration Developer Pack Apps Explored
  • If you have filled out the form correctly, you will get an email in your academic mail id. Congrats you are now holder of a Student Developer Pack! Developer Pack Confirmation Mail Apps Explored
  • Now go to your Student Developer Pack link . And scroll down to Namecheap section. Click on second link in that section(link for .me domain) or alternately go to this link . Namecheap Apps ExploredFree Domain Namecheap Apps Explored
  • Search for your desired .me name. If it is available you will see a option to Add that domain. Add that domain to your cart. (You can see they are also giving huge discounts on .com domain too! Add .com domain if you are willing to pay few bucks to get the most popular domain. Otherwise choose .me domain.) Search Domain Apps Explored
  • You will have three options after that like ExposureGitHub Pages and Ghost Publishing. You have to select one of them. (They are Content Management Systems or CMS’s. They are also free for 1 year with this domain. And they are hosted on Namecheap server for free.) But you can obviously manage your pages on your own by choosing other platform you like depending on your hosting choices later. Free Add ons Apps Explored
  • After that you have to register with Namecheap(open an account there) and connect it with your GitHub account.
  • Voila! You have got your .me domain for 1 year free!
  • Now you can login to year Namecheap account and manage your domain related settings there. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard. That’s how I get for free. Domain Control Panel Namecheap Apps Explored


Last but not least here is a good video I found on YouTube for your simplicity.

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